(boring. i know. but necessary!)

  • By purchasing your spot as a Trusted Resource of The Bare Bride, you are agreeing to abide by the standards set within The Vow to ensure we are on the same page and upholding the same values (aka. being AWESOME wedding bosses).
  • The Bare Bride reserves the right to remove you from being aTrusted Resource if for some reason your business begins to reflect values that are not in alignment with The Vow
  • Refunds are not available - even if the contract is terminated based off of a lack of compliance with the agreement to uphold the standards of The Bare Bride's Trusted Resources. 
  • Your yearly payment will begin as of the day your brand is listed on, of which you will be notified.
  • You, of course, have the right to request your brand be removed as a Trusted Resource but a refund will not be issued. 
  • After your year is up, you will be contacted with the option to renew your spot as a Trusted Resource.
  • The Bare Bride reserves the right to change the yearly price and the terms of the Trusted Resource standards and conditions but those changes will not affect your current yearly commitment. You will simply have the option to agree to the newly updated set of pricing/standards/terms + conditions when/if you wish to renew your spot as a Trusted Resource after your year long commitment has come to an end.