The Heart of the Bride Guided Journal

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The Heart of the Bride Guided Journal

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Your dress is ordered, the date has been saved, and the venue is booked...but is your heart ready?

The Heart of the Bride Guided Journal strips away all of the pressures that planning a wedding places on the bride and guides her through the journey of being her own kind of bride and becoming a wife. The first of its kind, this guided journal offers brides a sacred place to document the magic of their love story, work through some of the not-so-easy parts of being a bride, and discover the romantic, peaceful engagement that they dream of.

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The journal asked me all the right questions. It was my bible. It sat on my night stand constantly. It was my counselor!
— Katie
I gift these to brides who book me to photograph their wedding. The response has been great! Everyone has commented that they are surprised and happy to have received a “thoughtful” gift.
— Kaylie

The go-at-your-own-pace journal is filled with over 60 pages of creative writing prompts, powerful quotes, and even a few wedding themed coloring sheets (woohoo!!). 

The bride will journal her way through topics on unique femininity, girl power, and bravery, all focused on supporting her through her engagement and preparing her for a beautiful marriage.

This journal will give the bride:

  • Peace of mind during a crazy season

  • Much needed "me-time"

  • Stress relief

  • Confidence as a uniquely beautiful woman

  • Tools to deal with the bumps in the wedding road

  • Bravery to invest in her future marriage above all else

  • A documented love story to look back on

It's time for the bride's heart and future marriage to become a priority.

Forget the stereotypical porcelain casserole. THIS is the gift that a bride needs - a space for her heart.

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**Details: 5.5x8.5, Perfect Bound, Soft Matte Cover, B+W Interior

**Designed for ALL brides (LGBTQ included!)

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I started sending my brides The Heart of the Bride Journal as soon as they book me, because I want them to really focus on this magical time of being engaged. I want them to slow down, forget the stress of planning a wedding for a moment, and really acknowledge that all of it is leading up to marrying your person. And in the end, that’s all that matters. My brides LOVE receiving the journal, and I know that it will help them experience being a bride in a more meaningful way.
— Wendy Norman, Apt. B Photography


- Even more important than the proposal itself are the reasons why you said 'YES'. List your reasons below. -

- Release Your Heavy Heart: Which parts of your engagement have been the hardest for you thus far? What's been weighing you down? Which things make your heart ache? Scribble your heart out. No list. No structure. Just release. -

- Own Your Body: Your body is so much more than a figure to fit a dress silhouette and look good in a photograph. Write a Thank You Letter to your body below. Thank your arms for giving you the capacity to hold, the lines around your mouth for displaying that laughter is no stranger to you. Thank your body for being yours. -

- Being a bride means making a big commitment, making big decisions, and making some big magic in a short amount of time. All of those things require a lot of courage along the way. Write about a specific moment that you had to be a brave bride. -


The journal helped me not feel alone. My engagement was quick and during a very busy season of life. I often felt alone, but this journal and community helped me realize the things I was experiencing were normal.
— Alex
I took myself out for coffee (and the occasional treat) and used these moments to be mindful and reflect on getting married. Having parts of the journal to complete helped me to make these moments happen and helped me to discover gratitude for my relationship.
— Ali