Taking Control of Tricky Relationships Digital Bride Guide

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Taking Control of Tricky Relationships Digital Bride Guide

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If you long for healthy relationships that make you feel supported + loved during your engagement, this bride guide will help you build lasting boundaries that will protect you and your wedding without ruining relationships.

Relationships can make or break your entire experience as a bride. So what happens when you're cracking underneath the pressure of unsuccessfully navigating so many demands, expectations, and hurtful happenings? You take back the control. Learn how to guard yourself and this special time of your life by creating brave boundaries and coming out on top as a powerful, capable woman. Not a victim of anyone's disappointing behaviors or hurtful words.

[Taking Control of Tricky Relationships] allowed me to be honest and true with myself, my expectations, and the reality of the conflicts I’ve been facing.
— Becca W.


  • Certain relationships with friends or family have been giving you relentless headaches
  • You can’t help but feel disappointed, hurt, or perhaps even abandoned when you think of the role that relationships have played in your engagement 
  • You have people in your life who seem more focused on their own needs, opinions, or demands about your wedding than your own needs
  • You are having difficulty choosing or managing your bridal party
  • You have been taken advantage of or disrespected as a bride
  • You long for healthy relationships that feel supportive and positive
  • You know that you need to set some solid boundaries but you aren’t sure how and/or you don’t know if you’ll be able to follow through with them
  • You’re ready to start your marriage off with a healthy support system surrounding you 



  • Why you’re experiencing so many relational letdowns as a bride 
  • What you can do right now to stop hurting and start healing
  • Ways that you can take back the control in toxic relationships
  • What you need to do when people make selfish demands or put their own needs before yours
  • How to build simple, lasting boundaries that won’t ruin relationships but WILL protect you and your wedding
  • Tools you can use to evaluate your current boundaries and create better, stronger ones
  • The silver-lining to experiencing relational heartache during your engagement
  • How getting in the habit of embracing boundaries NOW will set your marriage up for success when it comes to relational difficulty you’ll face together in the future
I’ve found I easily get caught up in making everyone else happy and not taking the time to communicate and connect with my fiancé. [Taking Control of Tricky Relationships] made me realize what are red flags and what boundaries I need to make.
— Becca W.
  • Over 20 pages of valuable content and actionable exercises

  • *Bonus* audio file to follow along with, read by Sharon Luecke, the founder of The Bare Bride


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