Planning with Less Stress + More Heart


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In a wedding culture where being a stressed-to-death bride is the norm, it’s easy to accept those heavy, chaotic feelings because there just isn’t any other way to plan a wedding…right? Wrong. There is another way. There is a better way. The heart-centered way. 

Culture-based weddings are built by looking outward. The culture has you ask: What are the latest trends? What are the expectations surrounding me? Which traditions must I adhere to? What do I need to do to make others happy?

The heart-centered wedding is built by looking inward. The heart has you ask: What are my personal needs? What is my love story? Which decisions are the right ones for us? 

Planning with Less Stress + More Heart is for the bride who is ready to go a different way than the crowd (her own way!). That means it requires paddling upstream a bit, which isn’t always easy. Going the other way requires bravery and boldness.

But once you reach the place that YOU are meant to be, you’ll look back and not only be thankful for where you are, but you’ll be thankful for the beautiful journey behind you. A journey that tells a story of HEART. Not a story of stress.  

you crave the freedom to do things your own way

This class is for you if:

  • Planning your wedding is stressing. you. out. 
  • You’re having trouble keeping up with the expectations and pressures to put on the perfect event 
  • You want your wedding day to be a portrayal of you, your person, and your love but feel held down by trends or tradition
  • You’re concerned you’ve been sacrificing pieces of yourself or your needs to make room for other demands
  • You feel overwhelmed by the voices surrounding you that tell you what you need to have, who you need to be, and what your wedding needs to look like
  • You crave the freedom to do things your own way
  • You want to look back on your wedding day and see a beautiful reflection of your love story - not a reflection of a magazine. 


Through this class, you will learn:

  • Why you are experiencing so much planning stress that you can’t seem to get out from under
  • How to identify your stress triggers and the things that are feeding anxieties the most
  • What to do about the traditions + trends that you feel obligated to embrace
  • How you can silence the noise around you and focus in on your own voice
  • Steps that you can take to build a wedding that nourishes you instead of takes from you
  • Ways to dig deep into your own heart and your own love story to discover how to plan a wedding that is an undeniable reflection of those things
  • How adopting a heart-centered mindset now will set your marriage up for success when decisions need to be made in the future

have a stress-free wedding that reflects your heart and your love story above all else

I feel refreshed and level headed. SO many things were highlighted that I had been feeling, but I thought I might be the only one. I was so glad to hear I wasn’t alone and loved that this class offered solutions.
— Lexi P.
I feel more confident in the hard decisions I have to make in my engagement. [This class] made me recognize that it is important to focus on building on the right foundation for our marriage through the engagement.
— Laura T.



  •  A one hour video lesson, fill-in-the-blanks sheets for you to follow along with, and insanely helpful 'Heartwork' (that's my term for heart-centered homework) Assignments for you to download, print, and complete during the class.
  • TEN full days to access and complete the class.
  • An exclusive, 2-month invitation to a Facebook group filled with like-minded Bare Brides. Inside, you can join in on conversations about your class and other heart-centered topics related to your engagement - giving you a reliable source of support and encouragement. For each class you purchase, you gain 2 months of Facebook group access.
This course helped me clarify, process and actually work on thoughts and feelings that have been stressing me out. I feel more empowered to go my/our own way rather than go the way of the expectations of others.
— Abigail M.

[Planning with Less Stress + More Heart] reinforced many of my beliefs on planning that I had lost sight of in all the hustle and bustle and overwhelm. It will keep me focused and centered on what truly matters!
— Amanda