Making art, celebrating love.


Hello friends!

I'm Kim, the creator of Mela, a heart-to-heart certified photography brand.

Mela is the Hindi word for “a gathering, or an event” that is associated with celebration. It’s the perfect word that sums up a wedding, whether it is an intimate wedding in a backyard, or an elopement, I want to be there with you to celebrate your love story!


My soul is refreshed each time I see couples proclaim their love for each other, the genuine emotions that come from a bride, a groom, the sister or the father is what I love to document, thank god for waterproof mascara, right ladies?!


I’m in the business of creating beautiful and artistic photos,

the kind that will make your heart flutter.

Nothing makes me come alive than to document

two beautiful souls celebrating their love!



Celebrating your story artistically


I provide my couples with a transparent experience that artistically captures expressions of love, joy and beauty.


I believe that every couple and their love story is unique.






a note from the founder of the bare bride



In a wedding culture overflowing with cookie-cutter trends and brands, it can be easy to feel lost in the noise of it all. Who are you supposed to listen to? What should you subscribe to? Who can you trust?

Part of what I do at The Bare Bride is help down-to-earth wedding professionals get to the heart of why they do what they do and communicate it in a powerful way so that it can cut through the industry clutter and hook you right in the heart. Heart to Heart. 

One of my most recent Heart to Heart clients,  Kim Jeyaraj, has taken that heart-centeredness to a new level by infusing it with celebration, artistic expression, and all the love.




Q: Why did you take the leap to pursue a more heart-centered form of branding in a generally more shallow industry?

A: In a wedding industry that is permeated with impersonal demands and trends is overwhelming and frustrating. As a former bride, I felt tired, convicted and upset that I could never live up to the expectations. Therefore, I decided to pursue a heart-centered form of branding so I could speak the language of the heart to my couples.

I believe that if a couple wants to experience an honest and intentional journey during their engagement then working with a heart-centered business is the way to go!

This model is a refreshing approach that brings authenticity to the journey. The couple’s heart and soul becomes in tuned with one another that when the day comes, documenting their day is a magical process!


Q: What is the true heart behind what you do at Mela? Why do you do what you do?

A: Photography is my saving grace, so I pursue it as a career. I began to notice that the more heart-centered weddings I was capturing, the more I was resonating with the act of marriage, it would refresh my soul and love for my husband and that’s the most important thing!

Yes, I love using my creativity but I also love the idea of love and how strong it is. Weddings are empowering for me, because it always reminds me to love unconditionally, appreciate the time given with one another, and live with a grateful heart.


Q: If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be and why?

A: Aaah...besides an old English countryside, I would have to say that the tiny village my late grandfather was from. This tiny village is nestled in the heart of Southern India flanked by mountains on either sides.

I spent most of my summer hols as a child, so the smell of the earth, the rustling of palm trees, the soft howling wind, and the magnificent sound of waterfalls is music to my ears.


Q: What is your go-to meal that you couldn't live without?

A: My heart and palate are always going to crave Indian food, lol! My fav. is a bowl of rice, lentils, veggies with a bit of spicy mango relish!


Q: What is one thing that you bring to every couple you work with besides beautiful images that capture their love story?

A: I desire to get to know you and your loved one, to truly invest in your story, the journey, leading up to the celebration. I will come alongside you as a friend, giving you the space to be intentional and relaxed so that you have an honest and organic experience. I’m the kind of gal that will help the bride with makeup if her MUA bailed on her (yes, it's happened to 2 of my brides!) I’m also the gal to have plenty of kleenex to hand to you, your bridesmaids, and the moms as the vows are being said (true story!) :)


Q: What is one upcoming shoot that you're really excited about?

A: I’m excited to visit Arizona for the first time (Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon particularly!)


Q: What is something that you want every bride to know about their engagement and wedding planning?

A: At the end of the day you and your loved one are going to be married...nothing is going to stop don’t worry about all the little details..enjoy every minute and take time to savor your special day. Also, take a selfie the day of your wedding, it can be just you by yourself in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee...taking in that precious alone time to breathe in thankfulness. Then put your phone down and leave the rest up to me!! Stay soft and take it slow, savor it my loves!



If you want a photographer who is going to stick to the script, disregard your individuality, and provide cookie-cutter images that your grandma would be jealous of, Mela is not for you. But if creating from the soul gets your blood pumping and you desire images that are mindfully crafted based on your background, identity, and love story, you're going to want to work with Kim.

In a culture of predictable and boring, Kim's outlook on life and love is refreshing and invigorating. With a beautifully unique love story of her own, she gets what it's like to be a bride who wants to feel set free rather than caged in. Kim is talented, warm, intentional, uplifting, filled with kindness, and exactly the kind of photographer that I'd want standing next to me, in front of me, and behind me on my wedding day. Reach out. You won't regret it.

xo Sharon, The Founder of The Bare Bride