Hi Friends!

We're Sean and Kaylyn, a husband and wife photography + film duo who love to travel, and call the Sunshine Coast of BC home. 

We want our clients to have a photographer who really GETS them, who embraces who they are and what they hold most dear.


Our daily life is centered around our love and connection as husband + wife, and as father + mother to our children. We understand the effort that goes into planning a wedding. The emotions of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. The bittersweet moment as a father gives his daughter away, and the joy and laughter as families are joined. We survive daily toddler tantrums, never ending laundry piles, + walls with little hand prints on them.



We're not about stiff or awkward poses. We're about the genuine, quirky, playful, deep, soulful and intimate moments of connection between you.

We'll have you snuggle up close,

and we'll also get your moving, dancing, and laughing:

feeling the wind in your hair, and the dirt beneath your feet,

and create the freedom and space for you really be yourselves.

That's when the magic happens.

It's in those "in-between" moments that your love has no limits, and your story comes alive. 



Tell us about your story, and we'll create your love legacy.




a note from the founder of the bare bride


setting the heart-centered stage

In a wedding culture overflowing with cookie-cutter trends and brands, it can be easy to feel lost in the noise of it all. Who are you supposed to listen to? What should you subscribe to? Who can you trust?

Part of what I do at The Bare Bride is help down-to-earth wedding professionals get to the heart of why they do what they do and communicate it in a powerful way so that it can cut through the industry clutter and hook you right in the heart. Heart to Heart. 

Two of my former Heart to Heart clients, Kaylyn and Sean McLachlan, have embodied that heart-centeredness in the fullest, most soul-quenching way.

Don't believe me? Keep reading...




A badge given to wedding professionals who are Heart to Heart Certified by The Bare Bride

A badge given to wedding professionals who are Heart to Heart Certified by The Bare Bride

Q. Why did you take the leap to pursue a more heart-centered form of branding in a generally more shallow industry?

A. We always felt like we didn't really fit in to the wedding industry that was so centered on luxury, over-spending, and "the bigger the better" vibes. We kept our own wedding simple, and firmly believe that a wedding day should be focused on a couple becoming husband and wife, and starting their forever adventure together, instead of being so focused on the million little details, and making your mother-in-laws "dream wedding" come true. Honestly, it just took us a few years (and some help from Sharon at The Bare Bride) to get the heart of what we do to come through in our work and writing, but now we're blessed with working with the most amazing clients, who not only share our values but have the genuine, wholehearted connection that we love to document.


Q. What is the true heart behind what you do at McLachlan Studios? Why do you do what you do?

A. Yes, we're photographers, but first, we're husband and wife, and parents to our two littles Cohen and Isla. 
Our life is centered around our marriage, parenthood, and family connections, so capturing those big, small and "in-between" moments for other couples and families is what makes our hearts want to burst! 
We remember the stress of planning our own wedding, but we also know the countless amazing memories and genuine moments that our clients have to look forward to as husband and wife, and that's why we're so passionate about not just documenting the wedding day, but also creating their love legacy, contained within an heirloom box for them to cherish and add to with each passing year, generation after generation.

Q. What does your dream date night look like?

A. A clean kitchen, back massage, and full night of sleep without being woken up by kids climbing into our bed at 2am?! HA, just kidding!
Some of our favorite memories are the simple ones. Taking a cozy blanket to our favorite beach in the summer, and snuggling up with coffees in hand (or a craft beer, on the hotter days!) and watching our littles play and chase each other along the beach. Or a more "epic" date night is going on an adventurous hike together when we're in an exciting new place for destination weddings!
(We had a hard time coming up with an answer for this one, because we feel like we're already livin' the dream!)

Q. If you could cook one meal together, what would it be?
A. We WISH it would be something awesome like Thai curry, or sushi, but in reality, we're often cooking up a simple spaghetti or chicken and salad. 


Q. What is one thing that you bring to every bride you work with besides images that capture their love legacy?

A. Encouragement, support, and freedom. WE're not here to stick our couples into a box of "what their wedding should look like", but we come along side them, offering support, and embracing who each couple is, and what they hold most dear. From our first consultation to the delivery of their Heirloom Box, we want to not only be just their photographers, but we really want to be their friends. Supporting their vision, making their wedding planning as stress free as possible, and lastly, leaving them with precious, tangible memories to relive over and over, long after their wedding day has passed.


Q. What is one upcoming shoot that you're really excited about?

A. Oh man, there are so many!! One of them is going to be an adventurous elopement on Orcas Island of the coast of Washington, with an adventurous couple from Texas! 
They've always dreamed of getting married on the West Coast, so the fact that we get to photograph + film the beginning of their lifelong adventure together, complete with whale watching, hiking in the woods, and running along the beach literally makes us do a happy dance!! 


Q. What is something that you want every bride to know about their engagement and wedding planning?

A. That you're not alone, and that you don't have to feel guilty or apologize for wanting your wedding day to be focused on the two of you! 
When we were planning our own wedding, we were overwhelmed with the amount of input from our families, and it was impossible to make everyone happy. Plus, when we were busy worrying about making them happy, it was harder to get clear on what WE really wanted for our wedding day.  So while we're not simply saying "do what you want", we ARE saying to sit down together and get really clear on what it is that makes your hearts feel full, not only now and on your wedding day, but in the years to come. When you look back on your wedding day with nostalgia 60 years from now, what do you really want to remember


Pal, it doesn't get more heart-centered, talented, or devoted than this. These two are the real deal. Positive energy flows out of every conversation with them. Their passion for creativity and adventure is contagious. As my former clients, they hired me to help them grow, but I walked away feeling like I was the one who was lucky to grow alongside them.

If you've been on the hunt for wedding photographers who powerfully partner their magically creative talent with their devotion to upholding your love story and your heart above all else, look no further.

xo Sharon, The Founder of The Bare Bride