I'm in love with love...and photography. Thats pretty much the story! 

I have always believed that life will take you where you let it, and I have always followed my passions. So I actually started off my career as an nanny. Having been to university to study Digital Photography I picked up a nannying job which I loved so ran with it, having done it for over 7 years I realised it wasn't my core passion...photography was! 


I'm from London, west London and I love it. I'm a crazy animal lover, obsessed with cats although I've always wanted a dog. I pride myself on being strong minded and once you get me talking it's quite hard to shut me up. Luckily technology was created and helps me organise my life or I may have lost a leg by now.

I love to love people and watch others' love grow, its the single most beautiful emotion that can be terribly scary but thats the beauty of it, you have to let it happen to feel it. 


When you choose me as your photographer. you're choosing an experience,

you are picking a package that is individually tuned to your needs.

I want this experience to take some stress away from some of the lows

of organising a wedding, I'm here for you!



I understand that your wedding photographs are a priceless and unrepeatable record of your day and my job is to capture your celebrations with timeless images. My easy going nature means people relax in my company, creating unique and naturally emotive shots that you’ll love. I blend into the day capturing the unexpected moments, the knowing glances, the passionate looks, the quiet contemplation, the joy, the laughter and the tears.

I really thrive of natural raw emotion, I'm not the one to tell you how to pose but thats why I like to get to know you it automatically eases the situation and your special day.  I want to step into your world and see what’s what, photograph that thing that makes you both “you”, and create collections that you will look at and smile at and enjoy forever.




a note from the founder of the bare bride


setting the heart-centered stage

In a wedding culture overflowing with cookie-cutter trends and brands, it can be easy to feel lost in the noise of it all. Who are you supposed to listen to? What should you subscribe to? Who can you trust?

Part of what I do at The Bare Bride is help down-to-earth wedding professionals get to the heart of why they do what they do and communicate it in a powerful way so that it can cut through the industry clutter and hook you right in the heart. Heart to Heart. 

One of my former Heart to Heart clients, Hannah Owens, uses her beautiful photography talent to honor the hearts of her clients above all else.




A badge given to wedding professionals who are Heart to Heart Certified by The Bare Bride

A badge given to wedding professionals who are Heart to Heart Certified by The Bare Bride

Q. Why did you take the leap to pursue a more heart-centered form of branding in a generally more shallow industry?

A. When I started my photography business I had very little idea
about the way the wedding industry ran, having never been
married I felt like perhaps I was a tiny fish in a huge pond. After
a couple of months of fully submersing myself in the industry it
became clear that I was already different, I was more interested
in helping the bride peruse their heart rather than what is the
latest trend.
Having searched for something that could lead me to my ideal
clients I found Sharon and the Heart to Heart Method. I
immediately felt a connection with everything her structure
resonates. This method really throws away all the things we
think we need on our wedding day when really it’s about you
and your loved one; I was sold.


Q. What is the true heart behind what you do as a photographer? Why do you do what you do?

A. I do what I do because of human connection, it truly fascinates me. Whether it be between a newly engaged couple or a family of five, in front of the camera naturally we show a sense of vulnerability and the connection with your loved ones heightens because you feel safe with them, it’s just beautiful to watch.


Q. What does your dream Saturday look like?

A. Oh my gosh, now this is dreaming as most of my Saturdays consist of weddings. As much as I love dancing the night away with my girls I have to say Chinese takeaway and a movie on the sofa with my boyfriend is just heaven.

Q. What is your go-to, weeknight snack?
A. Mmm would have to be banana bread; I always cook one at
the weekend for the week ahead.


Q. What is one unique thing that you bring to every couple you work with?

A. I always bring a pack of sparklers along just in case but the
thing I probably bring that’s most unique is my knowledge. You
wouldn’t believe the amount of cravats I have tied or the amount
of times I’ve been asked which side the buttonhole is meant to
be. I’m the type that wants to get involved, I love meeting new
people and always try and keep in touch with the vendors I loved.


Q. What is one upcoming shoot that you're really excited about?

A. Ahh, I have a family shoot in Virginia Water (England).
Since I first visited many years ago I’ve been desperate to take
someone there in October.


Q. What is something that you want every couple to know about their engagement and wedding planning?

A. I think my advice would be to make sure you enjoy it, its one day and would not believe how quickly is goes. Try not to listen to everyone’s opinion and listen to your heart. Keep something from the day and keep it private between you and your partner. Also if you’re reading this on The Bare Bride you are definitely in the right place to listen to your inner you.


Hannah is exactly the type of person that you want by your side on your wedding day. Not only does she have the talent to capture beautifully true-to-you moments but she just *gets it*. She gets how important your wedding day is and she also gets how important your future marriage is. That's why she comes to the table, ready to honor your needs and love story above all else.

If you want a creative, down-to-earth photographer with a heart of gold that you can trust, Hannah Owens Photography is for you!

xo Sharon, The Founder of The Bare Bride