Embracing a "More-than-Enough" Money Mindset



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Your wedding is not the time to compromise."

“But you NEED this."

“Every wedding has to have one."

“Are you sure you won’t regret not having this at your wedding?"

“Traditionally, providing that is expected of you."

If inconsiderate statements about "needing" material things at your wedding such as those above haven’t tainted your view of what your wedding must look like, then at the very least, scrolling through lust-worthy Pinterest searches, wedding magazines, or Instagram feeds most likely have. 

We live in a materialistic culture. We live in an economy that thrives through buying. You recognize that and do your best in your daily life to not let that materialism control you or the amount of money in your wallet determine your worth. 

Yet, once that ring slipped onto your finger and the planning of your dream wedding began, that healthy money-mindset you once had is suddenly shifting into one of comparison, envy, and heartache over the idea that you can’t have your dream wedding because you just can’t afford it.  

you feel like the financial aspects of wedding planning have sucked out all of the romance + magic

This class is for you if:

  • You feel like the financial aspects of wedding planning have sucked out all of the romance and magic 
  • Your relationship with your future spouse is being strained or damaged by money pressures
  • You are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, or bitterness over the material/visual aspects of weddings 
  • The majority of your wedding planning time is spent feeling disheartened over what you can’t afford
  • You’re fed up with materialism but aren’t quite sure how to move past it since weddings require material things
  • You are ready to experience and feel true abundance during your engagement + beyond
  • You want to start your marriage off on the right financial path and are willing to invest in making that happen


No longer am I comparing myself to an industry standard, but rather operating out of the abundance I already have.
— Jessica H.
Now I can move forward knowing that I am worthy of all things that I want, and just because I can’t have them, does not mean that I cannot feel abundance.
— Jamie R.
Thank for creating such a thoughtful, creative and heart-filled class. I’m feeling less anxious and at peace.
— Steph V.

feel the light of abundance during your engagement + start your marriage off on the right financial path

Through this class, you will learn:

  • Why you are feeling so uncomfortably controlled by the financial aspects of your wedding
  • The damaging effects of dwelling within a mindset that says “not enough” or “never enough"
  • The simple steps you can take to regain control and not let money run the show
  • How to recognize your financial insecurity triggers and avoid them
  • How you can find peace through priorities
  • Ways that you can welcome more lasting abundance into your life 
  • How embracing a “more-than-enough” money mindset right NOW will set your future marriage up for success



  •  A one hour video lesson, fill-in-the-blanks sheets for you to follow along with, and insanely helpful 'Heartwork' (that's my term for heart-centered homework) Assignments for you to download, print, and complete during the class.
  • TEN full days to access and complete the class.
  • An exclusive, 2-month invitation to a Facebook group filled with like-minded Bare Brides. Inside, you can join in on conversations about your class and other heart-centered topics related to your engagement - giving you a reliable source of support and encouragement. For each class you purchase, you gain 2 months of Facebook group access.
I think that this class and the other classes that The Bare Bride offers are exactly what the wedding industry needs. The feeling of abundance is seriously missing from the wedding planning process and constant comparison is stopping couples from enjoying this time and focusing on what really matters, which is what happens after the wedding. Thank you for offering this class and reframing what this special time is all about.
— Jamie R.