Bare Bride Classes

Classes for

the heart

of the Bride


Bare Bride Classes

Classes for

the heart

of the Bride


Bare Bride Classes


For too long the bride's experience has been limited to choosing color themes and arranging seating charts.  To be a bride is so. much. more than that. To be a bride is to encounter transitional hardship, personal insecurities, and unfair cultural expectations. To be an engaged woman is to bravely commit to a new adventure of vulnerable unknowns and life-changing love. Here at The Bare Bride, there is room for the heart of the bride within classes and community that celebrate raw honesty, power, and growth.


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Planning with less stress + more heart

Rise above the pressures and go your own way

In a wedding culture that celebrates the material and the visual above all else, it's normal for brides to get sucked in and feel lost in the expectations and disappointments. Take back the engagement you dream of and feel that you're missing out on by learning about your personal stressors, create an actionable plan to remove them, and fill that empty space with heart-centered plans that nourish your soul and your relationship. 



Free yourself from feelings of scarcity

"I have more than enough money to do everything I want to," said no (common-day) bride ever. Clinging to a scarcity mindset makes it impossible for you to enjoy the richness of this season of your life when you're too busy focusing on all that is missing. Adopt a new, healthy perspective on the role of money in planning your wedding so that you can walk away feeling lighter and back in control. Enjoy a sense of peace and gratitude for the abundance surrounding you.



Protect your heart and wedding with boundaries

Relationships can make or break your entire experience as a bride. So what happens when you're cracking underneath the pressure of unsuccessfully navigating so many demands, expectations, and hurtful happenings? You take back the control. Learn how to guard yourself and this special time of your life by creating brave boundaries and coming out on top as a powerful, capable woman. Not a victim of anyone's disappointing behaviors or hurtful words.



Recover + breathe through health + mindfulness

When the craziness of it all settles in and never seems to stop, it's easy to feel caged in and out of control. With no more time in your busy schedule to give, carving out moments for yourself seems impossible. Learn to take care of your emotional, physical, and mental health through being present, aware, and cultivating a daily lifestyle that gives you freedom. You'll escape right through the cracks of that cage and soak up the sweet serenity to be found in your engagement.



Own your humanness + find magic in the mess

If being a bride is supposed to be the "happiest time of your life," then what kind of bride are you for experiencing waves of anxiety or a season of depression? A real bride. Discover the strength to stop hiding behind the bridal mask of pretend-bliss and face the truth of what you're experiencing. Learn to recognize your triggers and seek out the beauty that can be found even in the most confusing of seasons. You are not a fraud. You are not a "lesser" woman. You are a real person. You are a real bride.

The Bare Bride is on a wonderful journey of weeding out the lies of the wedding industry and planting seeds of truth in the garden-hearts of brides everywhere!
— Jessica H.
I’m so thankful that the last few weeks of our engagement I felt in control and at peace with how our tiny, unconventional wedding was going to happen and The Bare Bride brought me to that place of acceptance.
— Caitlin H.

Hey Pals!

I'm Sharon, the creative brains and messy heart behind the Bare Bride Classes.


Classes for brides?! What the heck? Is that even a thing?!

Hell yes. It is now! Why spend your entire engagement in a whirlwind of confusion and defeat when you can dance through it, feeling totally on top of your game?

You’ve already spent so much time learning about venues, vendors, and budgets. Why not learn about how you can harness your power and pursue an engagement filled with heart-centered plans, healthy money mindsets, thriving relationships, and essential self care?

Priorities, pal. Priorities.


Is this class going to require a lot of me (money, time, energy, etc.)? 

Nope. Listen…I know that you’re a busy queen bee right about now. I know that you’re on a budget. I know that you feel like you never have enough time. That’s why I’ve done 3 things:

  1. I’ve made them super affordable at $49 each so that you don’t have to dip into your wedding budget. Just skip the girls night out this week (those lemon-drop martinis will be waiting for you next week - promise) and choose to tend to your heart.
  2. I’ve made them super short at 60 minutes each. Ok…with your worksheets, 2 hours - max. But still, it’s just like a night out at the movies! Except in bed with jammies and tea.
  3. I’ve designed them to GIVE TO YOU. Sure, you need to pay some $$ for the class. But what you’ll be walking away with has a deeper, life-giving value than any amount of money. Don’t view this as giving something up but rather gaining something extra. 


What makes you qualified to teach these classes?

Let me be clear - I'm no wedding guru. I don't have all of the answers. I don't pretend to.

But I do have my experiences and the knowledge I've gained from those experiences of transitioning from my own engagement journey into marriage. I have buckets filled with mistakes and rooms filled with lessons learned.

What makes me qualified is that I'm just like you. I get it. I’ve been there. And now I’m on the other side - ready and eager to encourage you and include you in on a conversation that I so badly longed for when I was a bride.


How will this private Facebook group play a role in my engagement?

Even though many brides are surrounded by friends and family and excitement, it’s easy to feel alone. It’s easy to feel like *nobody gets it*. That’s where this group comes in.

This group makes it possible for you to connect with other heart-centered, like-minded brides who are experiencing the same things as you. You can engage in a safe place for honest conversation, advice giving, question asking, and growth through community.

You’ll also be able to dig deeper into your course content with fellow classmates and have daily access to moi - the Founder of The Bare Bride (you can meet me here)! Pretty sweet, huh?


When will I receive my Facebook group invite and when will I be removed from the Facebook group? 

You’ll get invited into the exclusive Facebook group on the day that you purchase your class. Since you receive 2 months of access per class that you purchase, you’ll be removed from the group exactly 60 days after your class opens (if you only purchased one class).

If you aren’t interested in joining the Facebook group, no problem. Just decline your invitation!



Why do you limit Facebook group access to 2 months per class purchased?

GREAT QUESTION. I want to keep this Facebook group intimate and lively! That means that I don’t want women in there who were brides 5 years ago and aren’t engaging. If you want more than 2 months of access, purchase another class. If you purchase all 5 classes, you can get 10 entire months of access. 

Just think of it like a gym membership. Why sign up for a lifelong membership when you're only really interested in that 3 month boot camp?


Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with what I purchase?

Due to the nature of these courses, I don’t provide refunds. Once you take the class, you’ve already taken it. Trying to get your money back for something you already partook of would be like going to Target and trying to return an empty box of Oreos. 

I’m very clear about what you’ll get and what you’ll walk away with from each class in the class descriptions. If you aren’t 100% sure you want to purchase a class, contact me with any questions you have before you buy.


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