About five to ten years ago, you would have never heard the words ‘intentionality’ and ‘wedding’ in the same sentence.

Thankfully that has begun to change and I’m honored to be part of a niche of wedding business’ that are preaching and practicing intentionality. The Bare Bride is an exceptional example in that Sharon works with brides and vendors alike in teaching, exploring and tuning in to the heart or as I like to say “being intentional".


As a newly engaged woman, intentionality was just a small piece of the pie when it came to my wedding planning.

Apart from being fiscally and ethically intentional, I didn’t think I could expand that concept towards friends, family and even my fiancé! Looking back, I knew I was supposed to be intentional in planning my wedding as well as looking after myself and savoring every minute as a single woman, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend, and as a soon to be wife! However, I had no person or guide to show me what intentionality within the wedding planning would be like.

Fortunately, The Bare Bride is an oasis for brides to tune out the white noise and draw inward and listen to the heart.

Listening to your heart that tells you to do the right things is what being intentional is all about.

So if soon to be mom-in-law thinks wearing a veil because that was the law of the 60s you can tell her your reason for not wearing a veil is because you want to remember every single second as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life.


I’ve put together some ideas in which you can practice intentionality during your time of preparation:

  • Find small ways to acknowledge the loved ones in your life. Spend quality time with them ones that do not involve wedding planning. Ex: make a meal from scratch, maybe a favorite meal from childhood.

  • Planning details like your photographer, coordinator, florist or caterer can get overwhelming and often time, costs are cut which is understandable. Choose which details you want to spend most on and go from there. For example, my husband and I being creatives said we would spend good money on a photographer whose work really resonated with our core. For some it is the peace of mind, so find a wonderful wedding coordinator that will not just listen to your needs but come alongside you as a close friend.

  • Feel free to choose exactly the people you want to be standing up there with you. There is no obligation to pick a college mate over the childhood friend who went sour after you moved away to pursue your dreams!

  • Take time for yourself, do some yoga, meditation, read, get a massage, and it’s totally okay to give into that chocolate cookie once in awhile...don’t punish yourself!

  • Make quality time for you and your fiancé - decompress together, go on a long hike, watch a movie, and if you feel tempted to talk to  about the floral arrangements, look into their eyes and tell them you are so dang lucky to be theirs and then follow with a kiss!

  • When giving gifts to your bridesmaids, perhaps match the gift unique to the individual..not all your girls will want to wear monogrammed bracelet but they will cherish a heartfelt note or a line from a favorite movie only you guys know all the lines to! Or an inside sentiment/ joke shared between just you two.

  • Demands can get burdensome, especially coming from family. My family could not understand why my babe and I picked songs from our favorite artist and not walk down to the traditional wedding march song. I made them hear the song and told them how the music of this artist meant so much to our relationship and it would only be perfect to walk down the aisle to that song. 
  • On the day of your wedding, spend at least 10 mins with yourself. Be thankful for all the people, the experiences and the life lessons that brought you to this place.


In conclusion darling, allow yourself to rise up from every little decision, don't get lost in the chaos, keep it simple and stay soft... in the end, intentionality will help you narrow in your focus and allow you and yours to have a perfectly sweet day.